Engineering the Conversation

Are You Prepared for GDPR?

The clock is about to strike midnight. GDPR is nearly here. Is your house in order? As you’ve surely heard, beginning May 25, the European Commission will require all companies processing data of European Union (EU) citizens to adhere to new General Data Protection...

Search Optimizing Your Marketing Strategy

Nothing has confused marketers more over the last two decades than SEO – Search Engine Optimization.  Reason being: very few people have a true understanding of what it is.  In fact, some people believe it’s a myth!  But I assure you…SEO is very real, and...

Defining Your Culture Your Mission Statement Speaks Volumes

Do me a favor…tell me in just a few words what your business is all about.  No, I don’t want to know about your business plan.  I’m more talking about the day-to-day.  What’s it like to work at your company?  What do the employees work toward?  What is the – wait for...

Qualifying Leads Through Subject Matter Expertise

Miss the live presentation? Watch the recording today! As a technical industry marketer, you’re challenged to not only connect with your audience, but to do so while relaying highly complex information. Alongside your product or service, your Subject Matter Experts...

Are You Generating Leads or Just “Contacts”?

One of the primary goals in marketing to electronics engineers is lead generation: feeding the sales pipeline with new contacts and future customers. But are you generating true leads, or are you really just generating contacts? Generating leads means that you are...