How do you know when to mainline a contact to your sales department? It’s key to keep in-touch.

Our strategy is to keep the conversation between you and your future customers alive and thriving! With ongoing informational chats and relevant, considerably timed content and offers, not only will you stay top-of-mind with contacts, but we can easily determine when a contact becomes a lead and is ready to buy. There’s a lot of data wrangling involved, but our team utilizes data through actions and form submissions, and can even assist you in implementing your own marketing technologies, with email automation platforms and CRMs to create a single view of your data that will help identify key customer segments. You’ll be able to see when your leads are ready to buy, and when it’s time to hand them over to your sales department.

This unique Conversation to Qualification process ensures you don’t miss a potential buyer, and positions your company as an industry thought leader, making you a more valuable resource to the customer. Let’s work together to get you there.